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You want to maximize your return on investment.

We want to help you attain that.

Put your property into the care of professionals.

Our Promise To You

  • We’ll match any competing prices.
  • We take care of your tenants! If we don’t respond to a tenant within 24 hours, that month’s management fee is free.
  • Easy Online access to all Transactions, Fees, and Costs from any device.
  • You get paid first – If a tenant misses payment, you won’t be charged a management fee.
  • Simple 30 Days Notice – If you are not satisfied with our service, you can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice without any further compensation.

When you combine world-class service and property maintenance with solid real estate investment advice, iron-clad contracts, trusted legal and financial advice, and technologically advanced property management, you profit.

You have more money in the bank and more time on your hands to enjoy life without worry.

What Will We Do For You?

We provide quality commercial and residential property management services for the greater South Bay area and the Peninsula from our main office in San Jose, California.

It is our daily goal as professional property managers to make your investment as profitable as possible and to protect your pride of ownership.

Our extensive experience in real estate matters and property management in the San Jose area since the late 1970’s, and our commitment to maximizing the property owner’s return on investment makes us one of the most respected and trusted property management companies serving San Jose, South Bay, the Peninsula and the greater South Bay.


YOU GET a real estate attorney on staff to guide, protect you and your property investment, and help with legal issues.

YOU GET a real estate developer and agent on staff to assist you.

YOU GET access to a real estate developer who has successfully developed 33 properties in san jose and throughout california.

YOU GET a team who knows how to maximize the ROI on a property investment.

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State-of-the-art Technology

  • Electronic Tenant & Owner Payments
  • Most Advanced Property Management Software
  • Online Tenant & Owner Portals for Complete Transparency

Pro Marketing Strategy

  • Major Brokerage Insider Rental Marketing
  • Comprehensive Internet & Social Media Marketing
  • High-Tech Personnel Department Insider Marketing


100% Trusted Vendors

  • No Markups on Pricing
  • Licensed & Insured Vendors
  • All work Backed by Vendors Service Warranties

Unrivaled Tenent Relations

  • Immediate Response To Lease Issues
  • Delivery of Violation Notices by SVPMG Staff
  • All work Backed by Vendors Service Warranties

Our commitment to maximizing your ROI makes us one of the most respected and trusted full-service real estate and property management companies in the Silicon Valley.

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